Snowboard Tuition

All of our Snowboard lessons and courses are designed around you, focusing on helping you get the most fun and best sensations from your riding.

Being individual is what snowboarding is about, and we want to help you realise your dreams and aspirations on the hill, giving you technical and tactical guidance to build confidence, then letting you merge this with your own influences and inspirations to develop your own style and flair!!

Small Group sizes

It’s fun to learn activities with others, but you need to be able to see, hear and ask questions when you don’t understand. Large groups often limit your chance to do all this, and they also tend to leave you standing around waiting, or even worse, feeling like you’re holding others up.

This is why we limit our group sizes for both Private lessons and Group courses in order to create a fun and effective environment where all concerned can learn and develop to their maximum potential.

Private lessons can be booked throughout the winter season, for 1 – 4 participants.

The following price guide is intended to assist your planning, but we will be happy to confirm your total booking price when you get in touch.

1 Person2 People3 People4 People
2 Hours£130£150£170£190
3 Hours£190£210£230£250
6 Hours£370£410£450£480